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Some home remedies for mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are usually not harmful however, they may cause complications. Mosquitoes may carry diseases although; the probability of getting infected by them largely depends on our location. Another uncommon problem that results from mosquito bites is a negative reaction against the bite itself.  We shall immediately visit a doctor if we are bitten by a mosquito and have developed hives, a swollen throat or problems in breathing. The bump and itch post a mosquito bite could last for a few days. Ointments and creams may help however, we can beat the itch using things present at our home

Home remedies for mosquito bites:

  • Oatmeal– This is a remedy for a mosquito bite, which we usually take as our breakfasts. Oatmeal is capable of relieving us from itch and swelling as it comprises of special compounds having anti-irritant qualities. We can prepare an oatmeal paste by mixing the equal quantity of oatmeal & water in a bowl and keep it mixing till it transforms into a spackle-like substance. Spoon the paste on a washcloth & hold it & paste-side down on an irritated skin for nearly 10 minutes. Finally, wipe that area clean.

In case of many bites, we can take an oatmeal bath. Sprinkle a cup of oatmeal into the bathtub with warm water. Immerse in the oatmeal water and let the body soak it for 20 minutes. Occasionally rubs the clumped oatmeal on the irritated part of the skin.

  • Crushed rice– Cool temperature & ice may lessen an inflammation. Cold can numb the skin and this may give us short term but immediate relief. We recommend using a cold pack or a bag full of crushed ice for relieving the itch caused due to mosquito bites.

Do not leave the ice directly on the bite for over 5 minutes because it may damage our skin. We can also use a washcloth as a barrier between our skin& ice so that we can leave the ice for a longer time.

  • Honey– Honey is commonly used as a home remedy for various problems as it consists of several antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Humans have been using it for centuries for treating bruises and bumps. A small drop of it on the itchy part can lessen the inflammation. It lessens our temptation of itching because itchy skin covered with honey may create a sticky mess.