Stress-Causes And Management

In the last one decade, the word ‘stress’ has got tremendous attention and it is now positioned well in everyone’s day-to-day life. From grandchildren to great grandparents everyone is struggling and juggling with thoughts. Working women, home makers, toddlers, pre-schoolers, teenagers, teachers, employees, employers, parents, children, maids –all fall under the vicious circle of stress.

Mrs. Suri , is stressed as her in laws are planning to stay with her. Ratna, is stressed because her in-laws refused to stay with them. Shourya is stressed because he has to study when he actually enjoys to play football more. Raman gets stressed as soon as he gest up in the morning. Shagun complains that her husband is always irritated. Avarsha wants to continue but is not happy with her job. Vineet is unhappy because his dad is not supporting him to start his business. Snigdha is super irritated because her boy-friend is very possessive. Priyanka is unhappy has her husband does not pay any attention to her. And Koustubh a very senior executive at an MNC, has a beautiful, smart, intelligent wife who is placed higher in another organization. They have two pretty kids, their parents also stay together. They have few properties and few high end cars. But they are not happy.

Stress Management

People quoted above have no medical conditions or any significant trauma, but they are not able to lead a happy and contended life.

The changes in life style, technology and gadgets undoubtedly made life easier but not simpler.

You ask or google you shall find numerous reasons for stress-

Stress at workplace, stress in relationships, new mother and stress, parenting and stress, healthcare and stress and much more.

Stress at workplace has sub categories , highlighting the reasons:

  • Long commutation hours
  • Multiple assignments on plate
  • Obnoxious co-workers
  • High attrition rate and untrained subordinate
  • Dominating bosses.
  • Fear of being laid off
  • Overstretching oneself
  • Lack of handling change

Stress and healthcare

  • Fear of diseases
  • Fear of losing someone
  • Long term illness

Relationship and Stress

  • Seeking approval from others
  • Overstretching oneself to please others
  • Googling and stress-‘knowing everything’
  • Want to know everything
  • Lack of handling change
  • Unsupportive family members

Parenting & Stress

  • Kids home-work
  • Activity classes and pick & drop
  • New mom fears

Internet & Stress

  • Want to know everything
  • Seeking results
  • Impatience
  • Quick remedy
  • Lack of self- compassion

Strategy for handling stress:

Staying happy and calm is a choice.

  • Make the right choices after analysing the pros and cons. Don’t stress yourself
  • Identify available resources -energy, time, money and people
  • Prioritize actions based on personal and professional small goals
  • Give some time to others to accommodate with change
  • Have self-compassion, don’t run after perfection
  • Understand the gestation period and have patience
  • Don’t focus on limitations rather see them as priorities for eg- ( toddler at home means more time at home, it’s a priority not limitation)
  • Practice empathy with others and self too.
  • Give room to make mistakes
  • Don’t impose your thoughts on others
  • Have a healthy life style- eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well, socialise with people with positive energy
  • Be a change leader to transform people with negativity