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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Summer And Loss Of Appetite

Understanding appetite- it is a subjective desire to eat whereas hunger is referred to more objective deprivation state. Hence loosing the desire to eat is a warning sign associated with numerous ailments.

Summer of Appetite

The summer and winter appetites:

Appetite does suffer due to heat and strong hot waves. Did you ever realize that we tend to have more cravings in winters over summers, wonder why? It’s because of the thermogenic effect. Eating itself has a thermogenic effects, not only does heat affect our appetite, but appetite may affect heat. Metabolism plays an important role to maintain our body temperature. During hot weather lesser energy is needed to maintain our body temperature, whereas during winters the calorie burning  is higher for the same. Hence during summers, since the burn is low; the urge or need for calories are also low.

Summer is all about losing calories & gaining water:

Summer season is also referred as the weight loss season. Achieving goals are so doable in this weather. During summers we tend to drink a lot of water to keep ourselves cool and hydrated. Drinking a lot of water before meals not only kicks in our metabolism but also gives us feeling of fullness leading to smaller portions of food.

Winters we look forward to luxury or calorie rich foods such as paranthas, pooris etc., whereas in Summers we look for comfort foods that is apt in calories and keeps us cool and which also has a shorter cooking time ensuring shorter visit to the kitchen such as cold salads, milkshakes etc.

Availability of wide range of water bearing fruits and vegetables not only makes salads more palatable but nutritious too. They are also referred as natural coolers for body. It also helps us keep a close check on our calories.

Another way to keep you in shape is our clothing. Since we have our skin to show we keep close check on what we eat as we burn to stay fit.

 Options for you:

Since we need certain calories to carry out our days activities, especially when you don’t want to eat; good options can be – drinking smoothies made of nuts butter and soymilk. Not only has it taken care of important nutrients and calories but also its easy to finish for a meal. Other options can be coconut milk smoothies or fruit lassi.