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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Support Others and Ask for Support- World Cancer Day

Human being is an animal with awareness instinct but with civilization and modernization, this particular instinct is getting lost. Cancer teaches us to cling to our roots. Individuality and Independence are the words coined by human beings and they start losing their significance once we are struck by Cancer. It somehow brings awakening to us that we need to be supported and we need to support others. Just like a mother clings to her baby whenever the child is in distress, similarly cancer brings sensation to be fully human with as authentic relations with each other as possible. Anxiety, fear, loneliness, helplessness and other psychological conditions that often accompany cancer lead us to unite and unlock the potential of humanity in us.

Let’s support each other in this fight!

By supporting each other, we can bring hope, positivity and mark a change in the perspective of cancer sufferers. Even, groups formed by the cancer sufferers called by the name of self support groups for each particular type of cancer can work wonderfully to spread the message of hope even in the case of severe disabilities. We can, I can motivate cancer survivors to educate people in community/block/city/ nation regarding prevention of cancer and to live successfully after cancer treatment.

Cancer Support - World Cancer Day

  • Breast cancer support groups can spread the message of exercise/ healthy life style for maintenance of ideal weight and the role of gene mutations by fungicides and pesticides.
  • Similarly, colostomy care group can teach to live with colostomy and to take charge of their lives by themselves instead of becoming dependent and redundant.
  • Brain tumor treated people can form the support group and can spread the message of harmful side effects of mobiles and computers in day to day life.
  • Head and neck cancer support group along with other NGO’s can unite to force Government to strike against tobacco and alcohol misuse in the country.
  • Similarly, women groups can bring about the positive change in nation by coercing politicians to change their stance on policies pertaining to tobacco and gutkha industry.

    I can, we can support in innumerable way for the country, for brighter future of coming generations or making this planet a place of worthy living.