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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Take Time Out for a Healthy Diet

Be Strong….Be Healthy …..Be In charge…..

Nutrition plays an important role in every woman’s life. A woman’s body is continuously evolving and at every stage she requires special nutritional attention. Besides the life of a woman is full of stress, anxiety, expectations and the daily chores result in draining out the energy every day. Indian women usually tend to push and neglect themselves, their diet and health issues. They often consol themselves with a new future date of following a health regime, medication plan or exercise routine. They put things off to a Diet. It’s important to understand that – There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. A woman’s diet plan should have all the components of the food group and while eating one should always remember that – It’s the quality of the meal that matters and not the quantity.

Healthy Diet Benefits

Try the following simple suggestions to evolve into a healthier, active and balanced individual.

Load your plate with lots of color -“Eat the Rainbow”-Eat loads of fruits and vegetables. They help you add fiber to your diet. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables boost the immunity level and help you have an anti aging effect.  Always choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to get maximum nutritive value.

Choose your crabs wise – Go for whole grains which contain good crabs to maintain healthy sugar levels and keep your tummy full. Whole grains provide fuel to the body to fight fatigue. Opt for oats, wheat flakes, barley, buckwheat, quinoa, flaxseeds, brown rice, multigrain breads and pastas.

Grab on high quality protein-Protein requirements change with age. The requirements also depend on what stage the woman is – pregnancy, lactation, menopause, adolescence, etc. Eating too much of animal protein results in bone calcium loss and osteoporosis. One should eat white meat, beans, tofu nuts rather than red and processed meats.

Healthy fats– A balance between mono (MUFA) and poly (PUFA) unsaturated fatty acids is essential. One should try and use olive oil, canola, and sesame seed. At the same time oils including sunflower, corn, rice bran, soya bean oil should be used. Saturated fats like ghee and butter need not be avoided completely but should be consumed in moderation. Major culprit Trans Fats found in bakery items and processed foods should be completely avoided. Women need some amount of fat to sustain levels of energy, boost brain power and prevent mood swings

Become Mindful Eaters-Attentively choose what and how much to eat. Try to incorporate nutrient dense foods like fruits and vegetables rather than energy dense foods – fast foods.

Healthy Breakfast – Fueling your body with healthy breakfast keep its energy level pepped up throughout the day .Eat fiber enriched breakfast to feel fuller for long. Never miss your breakfast.

Give yourself a hand-Moderation is key. If you keep your portion size reasonable, you will enjoy the food you like and will able to stay healthy. Switch to smaller plates and bowls; they are easy to clean too!