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Tests to Do Before Pregnancy

There are some tests and procedures you need before trying to get pregnant.

Like a sperm meets an egg and nine months later  a baby is born there can be an awful lot of tests and procedures, even before trying to get pregnant. While the checkups and investigation  for immunity can be overwhelming, it is  important to remember that they are all there to make sure you and your baby will be as healthy as possible.

Pre pregnancy checkup

Before you ditch the birth control it is so  importantthat you take appointment for  a checkup with your doctor. You should be prepared to discuss  about your family medical history of your partner as well as your medical background  medications .

A healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise  is especially important during pregnancy. Ultimately,  having healthy eating habits and being physically active  is very imp. Stop  drinking alcohol and smoking before trying to get pregnant.

Prenatal vaccinations

Immune function is somewhat lower during pregnancy,  making expectant moms susceptible to infections and complications.

The flu shot is alwaysrecommended   for women who are pregnant during flu season, so it is a good idea to get it if you are  trying to conceive

Live vaccines such as  varicella (chicken pox) and rubella (German measles) are out of the question during pregnancy, so it’s recommended that you get tested for immunity. It is  important to keep in mind that you will  need to wait at least a month after a live vaccination before trying to get pregnant

Chicken pox may not seem like a big deal, but pregnant women have an increased risk of developing pneumonia as a complication.