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Tips for patients on Dialysis - Diet, lifestyle and exercise

Food serves several purpose in our lives. It is so much more than just nourishment. Food represents culture, tradition, and celebration. It may symbolize community and family. For people on dialysis, maintaining these extra roles of food may help them to feel more normal and enjoy life.

Serving sizes are important- A serving of protein, for example, is about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. That’s a good- shaped and sized serving of beef, chicken or fish.

Sodium – salt – is an important ingredient in balanced the right balance of fluids for people on dialysis. Limiting sodium intake helps control thirst, which makes it make easier to manage fluid intake.

Celebratory beverages can create problems for people on dialysis, leading to excess fluid building up in the body. Most people on dialysis should limit intake of fluids to 32 ounces a day.

Potassium is important in the proper functioning of muscles, including the heart, but heavy potassium can be harmful for people with kidney disease.

Calcium and phosphorous work simultaneous in the body, but too much of either can be a problem. Be wary of processed foods, dairy products and nuts. Beverages can also be a source of phosphorus.
Dialysis patients should strive for balance in their total nutrient intake for the day.

Exercise is important for people on dialysis because it promotes a healthier lifestyle. Exercise can help you in numerous ways. If you are overweight and your doctor recommended that you lose extra pounds, exercise along with a lower-calorie, kidney-friendly diet.