Top Threats To Men's Health

Health of a man is an ignored area where lots of awareness needed. Usually in our society men are the bread earner of family. Here we discuss about physical health of them

  • From very beginning they supposed to do outside work, so they go out of home at an early age. We show this as there is male predominance in road traffic accidents.
  • They have more chances of getting infections from unhygienic food. They are also prone for mosquito bites and diseases caused by them due to their way of dressing. They are also more prone to infective disorders like chicken pox, tuberculosis, tetanus and dog bite as they interact more.
  • Addiction is also an important issue as they have risk taking behavior supported by our society. Addiction to smoking, alcohol, chewing tobacco, and substance abuse are quite common in males. This increases incidence of chronic obstructive airway disease, coronary artery diseases, chronic liver disease, oral ulcers and cancers (especially of lung, intestine, oral and liver).
  • Work pressure and family pressure to perform. This is an important issue and it has a strong correlation with our social upbringing. This can leads to hypertension, heart problems, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, other psychiatric illnesses, gastritis, and constipation.
  • Awareness about our own health. It has been seen in many studies that men takes their own health for granted either due to overconfidence or fear of acknowledging it.


Road Accicdents Threats to Men's Health

How To Fight For This:

  • Education: education about health, seeing prosperity in life
  • Adopting healthy life style: eating fruits, green vegetables, milk and its product, and regular physical activity
  • Say NO to what is wrong: Say no to smoking, alcohol, tobacco and other substances of abuse. There are no reasons to go on wrong track just because you are men and you can?? handle it at any time.
  • Meditation and diffusing stress by positive energy
  • If you are ill that doesn’t mean that you are weak. Get it diagnose, understand it and take diet and medicines advised. Don’t carry its burden more than what it is.