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Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes

No matter what type of diabetes one has, they would require working closely along with their doctor to keep diabetes under control. The main objective is to curb and keep the level of blood glucose within the target range. Targets vary as per the type of diabetes, age & complications if any. Targets of blood sugar would be lower for someone with gestational diabetes as compared to the ones having other types of diabetes.

We are also required to monitor our cholesterol and blood pressure. Physical activities are important to manage diabetes. If you have diabetes you need to consult a good doctor about the time or hours that you should put in aerobic exercise. Diet is another crucial part of diabetes control.

Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes

Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes:

All patients having type 1 diabetes must receive insulin for life as the damage to the pancreas is permanent.  There exist different types of insulin that are available at different times of onset, duration, and peak.

Insulin is injected right under our skin. Doctors show us the way to inject properly & rotate the sites of injections. We also could use the insulin pump which is a device that is worn outside our body which could be programmed for releasing specific dosage.

We would be required to monitor our levels of blood sugar across the day. If needed we can also take medicines for controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol or any other complication.

 Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes:

Exercise and diet can immensely help us manage Types 2 diabetes and it also could be treated with several medicines that help controlling blood sugar. A good drug would help our body to use the insulin more effectively. You need to consult a good doctor regarding the medicinal regime.

You are required to monitor your levels of blood sugar. You may also need medicines for controlling our cholesterol and blood pressure.

Preventive Steps for Diabetes:

There isn’t a known prevention of the type 1 diabetes. We can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes if we:-

  • Control our weight & manage our diet well
  • Exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking, and avoid high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol level

If you have gestational diabetes or have prediabetes, aforementioned practices could prevent or delay the onset of the type 2 diabetes.