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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Treatment of a bone pain

After having determined the reason for bone pain, a doctor would start the treatment as per the underlying causes. They could also advise us to give rest to the affected part as much as we possibly can. They would very likely prescribe us a pain reliever for a moderate to a severe bone pain.

In case if the doctor is not sure about the reason &suspects some infection, they would put us on antibiotics. We shall complete the course of the medicines even when the symptoms have gone within few days. Corticosteroids also are commonly used for reducing inflammation. Treatment options for bone pain are:-

bone pain treatment and management

Pain Relievers for Joint Pain:

Pain relievers are very commonly prescribed medicines for lowering a bone pain, however, they do not cure an underlying condition. Over-the-counter treatments like Advil or ibuprofen or acetaminophen could be used. Prescriptions medicines such as Morphine or paracetamol could be used for a moderate or a severe pain too.

Antibiotics Joint Pain:

In cases of bone infections, doctors could prescribe powerful antibiotics for killing the germs leading to the infection. They may include clindamycin, ciprofloxacin or vancomycin.

Nutritional Supplements Joint Pain:

People with osteoporosis require restoring their vitamin D and calcium levels. Their doctors would provide them nutritional supplements for treating a mineral deficiency. Supplements are available in pill, liquid or even chewable forms.

Cancer could be a cause of Joint Pain:  

Bone pain due to cancer is tough to treat. Doctors require treating cancer for relieving pain. Common treatments for cancer comprise of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy. They all can increase bone pain. Bisphosphonates are a kind of medicine which assist in the prevention of damage to bone & bone pain in individuals with metastatic bone cancers. Opiate pain reliever could also be prescribed.

Surgery required for Joint Pain:

One may require surgery for removal of bone parts which may have died because of infection. Surgery could also be needed for re-setting broken bone & removal of tumors due to cancer. Reconstructive surgery could be used in a severe case wherein joints could be replaced or even substituted.

Prevention tips for Joint Pain:

Maintaining healthy and strong bones could make it very easy to avoid bone pain. For maintaining an optimal bone health one should remember:-

  • Have a healthy exercise plan
  • Get adequate Vitamin D & Calcium
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drink only in moderation