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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

The treatment of Cerebral Palsy is highly complex similar to the condition & there does not exist any cookie-cutter mechanism as each person gets affected differently. Even though the brain injury which results in Cerebral Palsy can’t be healed, the final physical impairment could get damaged due to various ranges of treatments & therapies. Even though there isn’t any universal protocol developed for all the cases, an individual’s type of Cerebral Palsy, level of severity and extent of impairment help in determining the care.

What is treatment of Cerebral Palsy?

While adaptive equipment and therapy are primary treatment approach for Cerebral Palsy, a person might require drug therapy & surgical interventions as well. Some families, along with physical guidance and caution, turn to alternative & complementary medicine for further assistance.

Although every medical specialist might have their specific care objectives relevant to their specialty & the person’s unique condition, overriding treatment goal for the ones with cerebral palsy is to:-

  • Optimize mobility
  • Control pain
  • Manage the primary conditions
  • Prevent & manage the complications, co-mitigating factors & associative conditions
  • Enhance social & peer interactions
  • Maximize independence
  • Foster self-care
  • Maximize learning potential
  • Optimize the ability of communication&
  • Provide the quality of life

Forms of medicines- Complementary, Conventional & alternative medicine

There are 3 forms of medicines known as Complementary, Conventional & alternative medicine. Conventional methods of treatment include systems, products & practices which have been well researched, tested & approved by medical community as the acceptable treatment forms. Complementary medicines differ from the conventional as they haven’t been tested fully or approved, however, are being considered. Complementary medicine used with consent of doctor can be used for complementing an existing plan of treatment. Alternative medicine is the method of treatment used for replacing the conventional medicine. There exist risks in the usage of alternative or complementary forms of medicine so anybody considering a CAM shall consult their doctor prior to getting involved in these treatment forms.