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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Underactive Thyroid - Illnesses & conditions

An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) happens when your thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient hormones.Common signs of an underactive thyroid are tiredness, weight gain and feeling of depression. An underactive thyroid can often be successfully treated by taking daily hormone tablets to make up for the hormone deficit gland.

Causes for an underactive thyroid can be due to the immune system attacking the thyroid gland and damaging it or any damage done during treatment of thyroid cancer or overactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism  can affect heart rate, body temperature and metabolism. Hypothyroidism is majorly prevalent amongst  older women. Major symptoms include fatigue, cold sensitivity, constipation, dry skin and unexplained weight gain. Treatment consists of thyroid hormone replacement. Symptoms basically  develop slowly and one may not realise you have a medical problem for several years. Everything in your body relies on thyroid hormone including digestion, the growth of your hair and nails, your sex drive and the function of your organs and glands. Your brain, heart and metabolism are basically  dependent on the right levels of thyroid hormone to function properly.