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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Urge The Government to be more Pedestrian Friendly

Walking is one of those things which seems like an entirely innocuous activity but has far reaching and long lasting effects on both physical and mental. The American Heart Association recommends daily at least 30  minutes of brisk walking. They recommend walking at least 5 days a week to keep your heart in a good shape. It also keeps the weight in control thus keeping diseases like Diabetes, which are ever increasing due to sedentary life  style, under check. The stress levels also go down after walking with the release of hormones. Many path breaking thoughts have been ignited while walking. This is because walking can be categorized as an activity that clears the mind.

Friendly Pedestrian


This World Health Day lets ensure that walking becomes a part of your life. But to make this aspect a reality we need to ensure that government also starts to accept your needs. The roads and the traffic junctions need to be made pedestrian friendly. The same is needed as today many majority of our cities are concrete jungles with limited parks and green spots.

When we can aim at the best in technology, safety and other parameters like the west, we also need to focus on adopting healthy practices just as the westerners do. Proper pedestrian crossing and cycling tracks along with vehicular demarcations in residential areas are also needed.

However as the government provides us the best, we as citizens also need to work on an important aspect – Civic Sense. We need to honor the pedestrians, cyclists and people who are choosing to travel by walking. Until and unless we don’t accept this exceptionally healthy habit, it is difficult to see a change. The important point is that the change is for our won good!

#WorldHealthDay #Walk4Health