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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Vitiligo - Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor may take a small sample biopsy of the affected from skin. He or she may also take a blood sample. Typical lab work for vitiligo consists  all or part of the following tests: ANA -Antinuclear Antibody this test helps determine if the patient has other autoimmune diseases.

Vitiligo is a skin situation that causes white patches to appear on the skin. These patches occur because the cells that make skin pigment, known melanocytes, are destroyed, leaving areas of skin with no pigment at all. Vitiligo can affect skin on any part of the body even the inside of the mouth and the scalp, possibly affecting hair color and white patches may grow in size or spread to other parts of the body over time. It condition is not painful or itchy, but the present of white patches may make a person feel self-conscious, basically  if vitiligo affects skin in visible places like  as the face, arms, or legs. Vitiligo is more noticeable in people with a darker skin tone, but because the affected areas of skin are completely devoid of pigment, vitiligo can sometimes be visible even in people with very fair skin. This  condition poses no threat to a person’s overall health, and the decision to pursue treatment is a personal one. Our specialists have the experience and resources to clear vitiligo and determine whether an underlying condition should be addressed.

Treatment of vitiligo are as follows:-

Several treatments are available to support  restore skin color or even out skin tone.Output vary and are unpredictable. Few treatments have serious side effects. So your doctor may recommended that you first try improving the appearance of your skin by applying self-tanning products or make up. If you and your doctor take opinion to treat your condition of vitiligo  with a drug, surgery or therapy, the process may take several  months to judge its effectiveness. And you may have to try more than one approach or a combination of approaches before you find the treatment that works best for you.Even if treatment is successful for a while, the results may not last or new patches may appear.