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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Walking and Work Time

While my recent air travel I gave a thought to a pretty airhostess who was instructing us regarding safety rules , one of which is FIRST save yourself before helping others. So this is very important to take care of our own health irrespective of our profession.

Walking is a wonderful exercise if it is done in correct manner i.e. atleast 30 mins a day and for atleast 5 days a week. Daily brisk walk help us by strengthening heart, increase vital capacity of lungs, improve blood flow to brain and distant organs, increase oxygenation to all muscles and skin.

Need of Walking frequency


Wonders of Walking:

Work is workship, and regular exercise make this passionate. It is seen that people who do daily workout do and manage their work more enthusiastically. It is important to understand the role of walking, exercise, meditation, yoga and balanced food. All these help us to make ourselves more systematic and more productive. Walking also is an environment friendly tool to reduce weight, increase stamina and reduce stress.

It can be adjusted in our own timetable but be sure to keep it there.

Walking is an cheap method to keep ourselves healthy and keep away obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and also prevent from various cancers.

Walking frequency needed:

Daily walk means around 1km/10 mins and for 30-45 mins a day and this for 5 days a week. Nowadays in this hectic life style we can adjust it according to our convenience, as we can use stairs instead of lift, go to our workplace by walking or cycling if possible, and start evening walk.

We should realize that 15- 30 mins walk is much more fruitful and good for ourselves than 30 mins chat on Facebook, Whats App and other social networking sites. As at single beep we catch for our android phones, we should be prompt to understand the need of this hour, and use the machine god gifted us.

#WorldHealthDay #Walk4Health