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Walking- Morning or Night?

Walking or physical activity has become a common term in today`s day to day life. This was not considered that essential may be 30 to 40 years back when we were having more of a labor intensive work. But in today`s era with availability of more comfort and machines and less of labor intensive work it has become a essential tool in our life to keep us fit and help us fight to keep away from chronic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease.

Walking to stress out


It becomes imperative for health care provider to allay the fear and confusion among society regarding pros and cons of walking and instill a good habit in individuals by customizing there exercise regime for their need and comfort so that it becomes enjoyable by individual and remains a long term phenomenon rather than few days affair.

There is no doubt about the benefit of walking at any time point however there are few studies which suggest morning walking may be better than evening or vice versa. We will discuss about each entity.

Morning Walk

Morning walk may be better than evening walk as air is less polluted. Other advantages of morning walk are that you remain fit during the day, strictly follow your diet. Morning walkers have increased ability to complete most of their activity through the day. There are reports which suggest that dementia is less common in people who walk in the morning. Morning walk also increases your metabolism early in the day and helps in increased burning of calories.  However if you are planning for vigorous exercise then morning may not be good time as muscles are cold and stiff and body temperature is on lower side.

Evening walk

Advantage of evening walk is that your muscles are already relaxed and warmed up so you can exert yourself more while feeling less tired. Second it helps you De-stress after a day long work. It also helps you regulate your food in night. However in evening you may have lots of commitment and your walk may take back seat.

Practically it just doesn’t matter what time of the day you are walking, important is to have a start whenever it suits you and be consistent. Start with the baby step and keep building on that so you have at least 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walk daily.

So Get UP and Start. Happy Walking!!!!!

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