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Walking Pneumonia

Walking Pneumonia
in Internal Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

Walking pneumonia sounds horrific however; actually it is the least scary type of pneumonia. It could be milder than other kinds of pneumonia & usually the patient is not required to stay in a hospital. Infact many a times we don’t even realize that we have walking pneumonia.

It may feel cold

Walking pneumonia, as per some individuals is a mild form of pneumonia. Doctors may call it “atypical pneumonia” as it is not so serious.

Lung infection is often blamed. Many reasons could cause it such as:-

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Viruses
  • Inhaled food
  • Chemicals

Walking pneumonia generally occurs because of the bacterium known as Mycoplasmapneumoniae. If one has this condition, they probably would not have to stay in hospital or even in bed. The person having walking pneumonia may even feel good enough to go and work in his office, just as we do even with a cold.

Who gets walking pneumonia?

Anybody could get walking pneumonia as it comes from mycoplasma is most widespread amongst children, adults younger than 40 & military recruits. Individuals living & working in crowded places like dorms, schools nursing homes, military barracks, are more likely to get exposed to it. Walking pneumonia is more common during late summer & fall in a year. However, it’s infections can occur throughout the year.

Is walking pneumonia contagious?

 Yes, it is. It spreads through coughs or sneezes. And it spreads slowly. As per researchers many close contacts with the infected individual could spread walking pneumonia to other person. There are also the widespread outbreaks occurring every 4 to 8 years.


Symptoms usually begin 15 – 25 days post exposure to mycoplasma 7 it slowly worsens over 2 to 4 days. The infected person might have:-

  • Pain in chest while taking a deep breath inwards
  • Symptoms similar to mild-flu like chills & fever
  • Coughs along with violent spasms
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Long weakness which may last even after other symptoms are gone

Few individuals having a walking pneumonia could also have anemia, an ear infection or skin rashes.

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