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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Warning Sign of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting women today. The same is also usually diagnosed and reported in the later stages, due to the ignorance and lack of knowledge associated with breast cancer. Changes in the breast tissue may be the first indication of a problem in the breast. Examine your breasts at your regular checkup and women over 50 years of age are recommended to have a mammogram (breast x-ray) every two years. For very young women the preferred test may be an ultrasound.

Never Ignore Breast Cancer Signs

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer:

Here are 10 early warning signs as follows:

Lump in the Breast-When performing a self-breast exam, carefully apply pressures to the breasts and surrounding tissues with your fingers.

Itching in the Breast– A common symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, a rash-less itch in and around your breasts can indicate an underlying issue more severe than dermatitis.

Swollen Breasts-Inflammation of the breast tissues and areas around the breasts can occur if there is a breast tumor pressing on the tissues above.

Stiffness in the Neck and Shoulder– Breast cancer will usually spread to the spine, back, or shoulders and cause achy pain in these areas.

A change in the size, shape or color of your breast (most women have one breast larger than the other) – Changes in breast size, common for a breast tumor to alter the shape or size of an affected breast before lump.

Breast Tenderness-It’s more common than lump, a lump develop in small, seed-like along breast tissue causes tenderness in the breast.

Breast Discharge Any discharge watery, or blood-tinged discharge that leaves behind a scaly crust on the nipple. Any discharge from the nipple that is spontaneous, new or bloody (a milky or creamy discharge is normal for many women)

Sensitive Nipples -Sensitive nipples that suddenly become void of sensitivity are often caused by breast tumors that develop underneath the tissue of the nipple. An eczema type rash on the nipple (this may be normal if you have eczema on other areas of your body)

Nipple Change – A change in the way your nipple looks (it may be normal for your nipple to be flat or pulled in)

Dimpled Breast – Thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue can occur in the earliest stages of breast cancer development. Skin that looks like “orange peel” or feels very thick.