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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Ways to prevent mosquito breeding near the house?

Mosquito breeding needs to be curtailed to prevent the spread of dengue, malaria and other vector borne diseases. Implementation of the precautionary and the preventive steps have to be collectively done by the community and cannot be restricted to one person.

How to prevent mosquito breeding?

Following are the prevent mosquitoe breeding near the house is given below:-

1.  Remove Standing Water– Backyard or porch may have spots where rainwater can pool. Old tires, empty bottles, buckets, and other small containers can condense water vapor into tiny pools. Ensure that you don’t let water stagnate.

2. Change water collection pans for plant pots weekly– When water is excess in plants, the excess water will run through the soil and collect in a pan. Any outdoor plants,these collection pans are a prime location for mosquitoes to breed. Ensure that you don’t over water the plants and no standing water exists in the same.

3. Clean bird baths weekly- If you use bird bath outside your house the stagnant water is a perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. You can prevent mosquito breeding there by changing the water and scrubbing down the bath at least once a week, preferably more frequently.

4. Maintain swimming pools with proper care– When you use small plastic pools meant ensure that you drain all the water and store it indoors when it’s not in use. If you have a backyard swimming pool, monitor the chlorine levels regularly and keep the pool clean.

5. Keep the rain gutters and drains clean- They will trap water during the next rainfall instead of letting it drain. Mosquitoes will then breed in this standing water. Hence ensure that all drains are clean.

6. Other sources of standing water- Standing water is the number one breeding spot for mosquitoes. Usually it is nearly impossible to find all bodies of standing water and draining them. However, there are a few precautions you can take to prevent water from building up. Here are some tips to get you started.

7. Make use of larvicides to kill mosquito larvae- They come in pellet form and are suggested to be spread monthly. They usually do not kill off other insects which prey upon mosquitoes, like as dragon flies.