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What are lumps sometimes found in the Breasts?

A lump in the breast is a localized swelling or lump in the breast which is different from the breast tissues around it or the breast tissue in the same area of the other breast. There are many reasons for the development of lumps, and most of the types are not cancerous.

lumps in breast

 In major cases, these lumps are caused by fatty Lumps in the breast are called fibroadenoma meaning noncancerous rubber type lumps developed in breast tissue and rarely become cancerous hamartoma which we also define as tumorlike growth, intraductal papilloma referring to a small non-cancerous tumor in a milk duct, lipoma which is a slow-growing noncancerous fatty lump.

But lump in the breast can be a symptom of breast cancer, so it is always advised to consult an oncologist if such lump persists. Hormonal changes can cause lumps to form and, in some cases, to naturally disappear. You can develop breast lumps at any age. Some babies develop breast lumps due to the estrogen they get from their mothers during birth. These generally clear up as the estrogen leaves their bodies.

Reasons causing lumps in the breast:

There are several reasons for getting a lump in the breast, these are –

  • It may be due to breast cysts, which are soft fluid-filled sacs.
  • Milk cysts during breastfeeding.
  • Fibrocystic breasts in which breast tissue becomes lumpy and accompanied by pain.
  • Fibroadenoma in which non-cancerous rubbery lump move into breast tissue
  • Hamartoma which is being tumor-like growth.
  • Intraductal Papilloma – Non-cancerous tumor in a milk duct.
  • lipoma, which is a slow-growing, noncancerous, fatty lump
  • Due to injury
  • Due to breast cancer.

There is a typical differentiation between benign breast lump from a cancerous breast lump and that is movement. That is, a fluid-filled lump that rolls between the fingers are less likely to be cancer than a hard lump in your breast that is rooted. So it is always advised on considering lumps do consider a doctor.