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What are the causes of Drug Abuse

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a drug as any substance which, introduced into the living organism can modify one or more of its functions. Drug consumption behaviour is the same as all another maladaptive behaviour: it is the result of a complex interaction of personal and environmental factors. Historically, drugs have been linked to magical-religious rituals, celebrations and social events. Gradually their use became widespread in other contexts. Some of these substances are natural in origin, as is the case with tobacco or cannabis. Others are the result of chemical processes carried out using natural products, like what occurs with alcoholic beverages, which are obtained from the fermentation or distillation of grain or fruit juice. Drugs are also produced artificially.

What are the causes of Drug Abuse?

Some cause for drug abuse is following:

  • Lack of basic knowledge about the effects and dangers of consuming drugs/ addictive
  • Urge to try something new, coupled with peer influence and pressure, make young people vulnerable to drug abuse.
  • Young people are highly influenced by their peers and mimic their behaviours. Hence, parents should always be aware of their children.
  • In many instances, young people are influenced by their peers to experiment with cigarettes, alcohol and other harmful substances.
  • Commonly prevalent myths that drugs can help overcome boredom, depression, stress and fatigue may encourage young people to abuse these substances. Also, media images that glamorize substance abuse may also mislead young people.
  • Young people may be under pressure from family or friends to perform beyond their capacity.
  • In any field related to academics, sports or winning over friends and under the false impression that drugs may help them; many young people fall into the vicious cycle of substance abuse.
  • If an elder (parent, grandparent) in the family engages in substance abuse, young people in that family are more likely to start abusing the same or a different substance.
  • Factors like relatively easy availability of drugs, community norms, and adverse family situations may push young people into substance abuse.

If you or your loved one is addicted to any drug, it is best recommended that you consult a psychiatrist at the earliest. Dependence on any drug can limit you and your body. Addiction can have adverse effects on your health.