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What are the psychological problems among girls

A meta-analysis of 5 psychiatric epidemiological studies yielded an estimated prevalence of mental morbidity including 16 mental and behavioral disorders divided  into eight groups of organic psychosis, schizophrenia, manic affective psychosis, manic depression, endogenous depression & mental retardation. Psychological issue seems to occur frequently among young girls than boys.

Few mental health conditions occur more often in women and can play a significant role in the state of a woman’s overall health. Adolescence (1019 years) is a unique and formative time. Whilst most adolescents have good mental health, multiple physical, emotional and social changes, including exposure to poverty, abuse, or violence, can make adolescents vulnerable to mental health issues. Promoting psychological well-being and protecting adolescents from adverse experiences and risk issues which may impact their potential to thrive are not only critical for their well-being during adolescence, but also for their physical and mental health in adulthood. Adolescence is a crucial time for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits important for mental well-being. It includes adopting healthy sleep patterns, maintaining an active lifestyle, developing problem solving skills and learning how to cope with them & also developing interpersonal skills while managing emotions. Supportive environments in the family, at school and in the wider community are also important. Few adolescents are more at risk of mental health conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion or lack of access to quality support and services. It includes adolescents living in humanitarian and fragile settings, adolescents with chronic illness, autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or other neurological conditions.