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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What Causes Drug Addiction?

If we analyze the causes of drug addiction it can be grouped under the headings of social, individual, legal, psychological and cultural factors. These factors sometimes work alone or in tandem to motivate a person go on the road to addiction. This habit of addiction can be dependence on alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, cigarette, to list a few.

Drug Addiction Causes

Social Factors:

Under social factors the impact of society and it’s set ideals toward drug abuse can be discussed. In recent times society and it’s norms have changed significantly. There was a time when consuming tobacco in the form of cigarette, drinking alcohol and consuming other drugs was considered very sinful, but with time these notions have been changed. Smoking and drinking are now well accepted and even at times considered as a mark of status in the society. Similarly other drugs are easily available in ‘Rave parties’. Consuming substance like cannabis is encouraged at times. The peer pressure also acts in each of the cases, where someone might try these drugs to get in a group or to fit in. Due to these changing attitudes of the society the tendency to consume drugs has been reinforced.

Individual Factors:

Individual factors also play role in drug addiction. Individuals having poor stress tolerance capacities, un social traits, pleasure seeking approach and have a tendency to show off and be dominant in a company and society. People with such a bent of mind, if not checked on time can indulge in drug addiction and can also force others also in the same.

Psychological Factors:

Growing stress, frustration and lack of inner harmony in the person is an unfortunate reality of present day society. Due to some circumstances it is unavoidable at times, but the main difficulty is that we don’t have the mechanism to cope up with stress and anxiety in an adequate manner. If a person is disturbed they have to focus on stress management, developing a balanced approach in life, spiritual orientation,etc. If these individuals are not supported by the society and their family members, they react to the stressful situations by taking help of drugs. Initially for a very short period it is of temporary relief but later on a great price has to be borne by the individual.

Cultural Factors:

At times we see cultural acceptance of some drugs in the society, as drinking alcohol in Christianity, consuming “Bhang” during some Hindu rituals. These cultural notions which are meant for some other purposes many of the times pave the way for drug addiction.If a substance is easily available in the market without legal complications chances of abusing it is obviously quite high. Recent theatrical flick “Udta Punjab” highlight this aspect quite convincingly. Thus regulating the availability of drugs through legal means is important.