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What is detoxification or detox ?

There are various misnomers related to detox and ways of detoxification. Detoxification is a natural process done by our body to neutralize and transform or get rid of the toxins or unwanted materials. It is the main function of our body which constantly works and interacts with rest of the functions of our body. Hence it is a process which keeps our body healthy and improves and optimizes its functioning. This happens by lowering a number of toxins that we put into the body while at the same time also supporting the body’s elimination and detoxification systems with nutrients that it requires proper functionality.


What is detoxification?

We are somehow conscious of the external cleanliness. We bathe, we clean our teeth and wash hair every other day or daily. We like to smell pleasant and look clean as it makes us feel good. Similarly, detoxification is the internal cleansing of our body. It is usually tough to understand or identify if the internal cleansing system is properly functioning or not. Unlike the other body parts, it is tough to identify how well the liver has been working as it is the main detoxification organ. Besides, synthesizing and secreting bile, the liver filters the toxins & bacteria in our blood & chemically neutralizes the toxins converting them to substances which are eliminated by the kidney.

Though detoxification system is the most ignored by the current medical system, it is the main component of the body’s functionality. Most of the molecules which are made in our body daily are to get rid of the waste products. The body requires 100s of enzymes and vitamins along with other molecules for helping it get rid of the unwanted waste and chemicals. We need to produce these molecules for assisting in taking the good of what we ingest & leave the unwanted substances. Though massive work is performed by liver along with intestinal tract, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, and skin are also involved in the complex system of detoxification.

The purpose of detoxification programs is mainly for supporting aforementioned organs and to metabolize and excrete the toxins in our body. It is vital for good health.