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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What Is Pneumonia? What Causes Pneumonia?

Pneumonia:- It is an infection in both or in a single lung. Bacteria, fungi or viruses could lead to it. Amongst the adults, bacterial pneumonia is the most common kind. Pneumonia leads to inflammation within air sacs in the lungs that are known as alveoli. Alveoli get filled with pus or fluid which makes breathing tough.

Causes of Pneumonia

Types & Causes of Pneumonia:

Major kinds of pneumonia are categorized by the causes of infection, the location of infection transmission and way the infection was acquired. Pneumonia could be categorized as per the organism which caused the infection

  • Viral pneumonia:- Respiratory virus is often the reason for pneumonia, especially in young children & older individuals. It is generally not serious & prevails for the shorter duration than bacterial pneumonia.
  • Bacterial pneumonia:- The most common reason for bacterial pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumonia. Legionella pneumophila & Chlamydophila pneumonia could also lead to bacterial pneumonia.
  • Mycoplasma pneumonia:- Mycoplasma organisms are not bacteria or viruses, however, they do have traits which are common to both. Mycoplasmas usually lead to mild pneumonia cases, most often in older children & young adults.
  • Walking pneumonia:- Pneumonia which is not a result of bacteria could be less serious. It is sometimes referred to as walking pneumonia because unlike the other kinds of pneumonia, it does not need bed rest.

Types of Pneumonia by Infected Location:

Pneumonia is also categorized as per its location acquired from.

  • HAP or Hospital-acquired pneumonia:- This kind of bacterial pneumonia is acquired in a stay at a hospital. This could be more serious than other kinds, as the bacteria involved could be more resistant to antibiotics.
  • CAP or Community-acquired pneumonia:- This refers to pneumonia which is acquired outside some medical or institutional premise.

Types of Pneumonia by the mode of infection:

Pneumonia could also be categorized as per ways it is acquired in.

  • Aspiration pneumonia:- This kind of pneumonia takes place when we inhale bacteria to our lungs through drink, food or saliva. This kind of pneumonia is very likely to take place if someone has swallowing issues or if they become very sedate from the use of medications, alcohol or some kind of illicit drug.
  • VAP or ventilator-associated pneumonia: – When individuals using ventilator catch pneumonia it refers to VAP.