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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What is Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia is also called tetraplegia. It is named so as it affects all the 4 limbs along with the torso. Most individuals having tetraplegia get significant paralysis under the neck & many aren’t able to move at all. Such paralysis is unavoidably a product of damage high in the spinal cord, usually in the cervical spine between C1 & C7. The higher the injury, the more severe the damage would be. Very high SCIs are often immediately lethal.

We may think that a total paralysis of legs & arms features damage to limbs, however; most of the quadriplegics have perfectly healthy arms & legs. Instead, the problem starts in the spinal cord or brain & occasionally in both as well. The spinal cord is charged with transferring signals to & from the brain, whereas the brain processes & interprets those signals. Hence an SCI prevents our brain from delivering & receiving signals, whereas a brain injury dents the ability of our brain to process them.

Injuries which result in quadriplegia are unpredictable as several complex structures are often involved. There is a lot more to be researched about the delicate nature of the spinal cord and brain. Researches so far suggest that i.e. our brain compensates for injuries in some parts & also for extensive damages, however, that healing from injuries in other parts may be virtually not possible.

Therefore, it may be tough to provide a precise prognosis to individuals having quadriplegia. S the swelling on the injury site goes down, some function could be restored. Few tetraplegics also spontaneously heal up. Other treatments & surgery can help, mainly if the surgeon is capable of moving something which compresses the spinal cord or is impeding the function of the brain.

Major Causes of Quadriplegia :

Any injury that takes place high in a spinal cord or affects many areas in our brain could result in paralysis in all 4 limbs. SCIs account for most of the cases of quadriplegia, with the top causes of SCIs being the below

  • Car accidents
  • Falls
  • Violence like gunshots are the top reason for violent injuries
  • Sports & recreational activities
  • Medical & Surgical accidents