What You Need to Know About Giving Birth by C-Section

A C- section (Cesarean section) is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. It is usually done in spinal anesthesia in which the patient remains awake throughout the operation, although she will not feel pain due to regional anesthesia is given in the spine.

Reasons for C Section:

C- Section is done in a woman who has some indications like she had previous two deliveries by C- Section. Other common reasons are that she did not progress while she was given a vaginal delivery trial or there was fetal distress. There could be abnormally situated placenta in the lower part of uterus (Placenta Pavia) or sudden bleeding from Placenta due to high B.P. (Abrupt Placenta)

Reasons for Cesarean section

What should a patient expect in a C Section?

C- Section usually takes 40-50 minutes to perform on an average. Nowadays it has become a safe procedure due to good anesthesia, safe medication, good antibiotics and meticulous aseptic technique.

The woman needs to stay in the hospital on an average 3-4 days. She will be allowed liquid diet on the operation day and then on the soft diet of a normal diet. The doctor will give visit daily.

Complications associated with a C Section:

  • There are few maternal complications like interoperation bleeding or postpartum bleeding. However, there are medications to control it.
  • There can be wound infection which can be checked by dressing, local antiseptics, and antibiotics.

Recovery and healing post a C Section:

The body will be given to the mother once she is out from anesthesia. She will be asked to breastfeed her baby as soon as possible. The mother will be given pain medications that will alleviate her pain sensation, and hence she can ambulate on the next day. Her analgesic drugs and antibiotics will be continued during her stay is the hospital according to advice from her doctor.

On the whole, C- Section has become safe both for mother and the baby. In normal deliveries, there are chances of vaginal and perineal tear and injury to the baby, which does not occur in C- Section. Still, it should be done only if indicated.