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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Why Malaria Vaccine Important?

There ‘s is no currently vaccine available that offers protection against malaria,So it is very important to take antimalarial medication to reduce your chances of getting the disease .However,antimalarials only reduce your risk of infection by about 90% so taking steps to avoid bites is also important.

Malaria vaccine is a vaccine that is used to prevent malaria.The only approved vaccine as 2015 Is RTS,S.It requires four injections,and has a relatively low efficacy (26-50%) .Due to low efficacy, WHO does not recommend that use of RTS,S Vaccine in babies between 6 and 12 weeks of age.

Significance of Malaria Vaccine.

In the recent past,vaccines against infectious diseases  has proved to be vary effective.Likewise,malaria vaccines are being developed to achieve both protection of the vaccinated individual and the reduction of malaria transmission through the community.Malarial vaccine development is hope for successful control of malaria.Several malarial vaccine people have been recently indenfied and the genetic manipulation of these people  is becoming more efficient with the advancement of new biotechnologies..Falciparum and P.vivax people malaria vaccines or vaccine components in advanced preclinical or clinical development as listed by the WHO malaria vaccine rainbow tables.