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Apr 19, 2022

Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes, infection fighting cells of our body.Lymphocytes are present in Lymph Nodes, Spleen, Tonsils,Thymus, Blood And Bone Marrow. Lymphoma Patients Present Commonly With Swelling Of Lymph Nodes, Enlarged Liver, Spleen, Fever, Excessive Sweating, Weight Loss, Weakness And Sometimes Bleeding And Seizure.

15Th September Is Celebrated As World Lymphoma Day Theme In 2020 Is “Small Things Build Confidence”.It Has Been Found That Lymphoma Patients Has Many Unanswered Questions Even After Completion Of Treatment, So This Year Campaign Is To Share Patients

Journey how they got confidence during course of treatment,so that others can learn from them.There are two types of Lymphoma-Hodgkins And Non-Hodgkins, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (Nhl) Being Most Common. On An average approx 25000 patients are diagnosed every year and about 16000 To 17000 die due to Nhl in India. Many patients specially in our country are diagnosed Lymphoma in advanced stage and outcome is poor compared with early stage, so swareness is needed so that they are diagnosed in early stage and most of them can be cured and lead a normal fife. Routine Investigations Like Complete Blood Count,Peripheral Blood Smear,LFT,KFT,Viral Screen And Pet Ct Whole Body Along Lymph Node Excision Biopsy Is Required For Diagnosis Of Lymphoma. FNAC Is Not Confirmatory Of Lymphoma.

It is difficult To Predict Exactly, But There Are Some Risk Factors And Patient With Has More Risk Of Developing Lymphoma.

They Are Smoking, Exposure To Chemical(Insecticides,Pesticides),Radiotherapy,Chemotherapy,Immunosuppressed Patients Like HIV/Aids,Hepatitis B/C Patients,Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patients.Management Depends Upon Type Of Lymphoma, Stage And Prognosis.Early Stage Can Be Cured With Excision Biopsy Or Local Radiation Alone And Advanced Stage Needs Chemotherapy, Chemo-Immunotherapy, Immuno/Targeted Therapy And Or Bone Marrow Transplantation.There Are Many Novel Agents And Cellular Therapy Available Today For These Patients And About 50% Of These Can Be Cured With Them. Stop Smoking,Lead A Healthy Life Style,Avoid Obesity,Stress,Do Physical Exercise,Yoga,Mediation To Stay Cool, Have Good Night Sleep.Positive Mindset And Confidence In Doctors Team Family God And Him/Herself Always Brings Positive Result.So All Lymphoma Patients Should Stay Motivated And Stay Positive For Positive Outcome And Avoid All Negative News And Messages.