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Yoga helps you lose the extra pounds

Yoga helps you lose the extra pounds
in Bariatric Surgery

Apr 19, 2022

Exercise is often the most important part of a patient’s long-term plan to lose weight. In reality, it is almost as important as your diet. You have many choices for exercise but few will boost the health of your body and mind quite like Yoga. For thousands of years, this meditative, invigorating workout has been helping people develop full-body fitness and keep stress under control, and it can help you to lose weight effectively.

Yoga is typically quite gentle and can be adapted to any level of skill or physical fitness. Yoga is about more than just movement—along with poses and bends, the practice places an emphasis on deep breathing and meditation. But, just like with any other exercise regimen, you should check with an expert before beginning, and should start off slow in order to reduce your risk of injury. With a measured approach, you can take advantage of Yoga’s benefits without pushing your body too hard.

Yoga for fit & healthy life

Regardless of good weight loss results, better overall health speaks for itself, a healthy diet combined with an appropriate exercise program equals long-term wellbeing. For a regular healthy life the weight has to be in certain limits, there is a standard assessment which compares height and weight and is called as body mass index. One can get a good idea from this comparison about their overall health.

This increase in weight is a gradual process. You might just not realize but your bidy would be piling on weight. Your body might adapt to the same but beyond certain limits this increase may become reason for various diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease.

Sarp asana is an effective Yoga exercise for weight loss, one has to remember that the difference between Yoga and other exercises for weight loss is that Yoga is to be performed slowly taking rest whenever required.

Yoga is an ancient practice followed and practiced by many around the globe. It has benefited everyone who has regularly practiced the age-old form of exercise. In today’s fast paced age, people look up to yoga as a perfect exercise for a healthy body and stress-free life.

However if you suffer from morbid obesity and have developed multiple health issues due to the same, it is better that you look for a clinical solution rather than a cosmetic one. In such cases Bariatric Surgery is a viable option.

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