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Paras HMRI Hospital Patna is the first hospital in Bihar to provide 24X7 Cardiac Emergency Care. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology for cardiac ailment diagnosis, treatment and management. In addition, the hospital is supported by cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists and cardiac care intensivists of national and international repute.

The teams of cardiologists specialize in providing the best care to patients suffering from arrhythmia, angina, heart attack, chest pain, rheumatic heart disease, tachycardia and irregular heartbeat. Cardiologists specialize in treating and managing patients through the novel and path-breaking procedures such as angioplasty, pacemaker implantation, stenting operations, valve replacements and cardiac bypass surgery, cardiac redo valve replacement, mitral valve replacement and balloon mitral valvuloplasty, to list a few.

Paras Institute of Cardiology and Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Surgery is well supported by the diagnostic technology to monitor heart rates, heart performance and irregularities. The hospital is supported by CT Angio, PET CT, Cath lab for angiography, Cardiac Lab for Electrophysiology – Holter Monitoring and RFA.

Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna is the first hospital in the region to provide 24 X 7 cardiology support.

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