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Dialysis Support Group – “UTSAAH”

A specialized support group for Dialysis Patients to assist the Kidney Patients and the Caregivers.

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon introduces ‘Utsaah’, a support group to guide the patients suffering from kidney disease and brief their caregivers about the same. The main objective of ‘Utsaah’ is to connect the kidney patients and develop a platform where they can share their experiences, difficulties and life situations, thereby giving them strength that they are not alone!

The aim of the support group ‘Utsaah’ is to create awareness among people on kidney diseases that affects thousands of people in India. The mission of the group is to sensitize and connect with the patients who have to go through repeated dialysis sessions and are suffering from renal diseases. The group is headed by a team of reputed Adult and Child Nephrologists and is supported by Kidney Transplant Surgeons.

The Nephrologists stress on the diet, life style modifications and medications needed to maintain a healthy life, while on dialysis. They also introduce the types of dialysis that is best suited for the patients. The Kidney Transplant Surgeons help in introducing the concept of Kidney Transplant to the patients that are looking at the option of going through transplantation. They discuss the success rates, the government compliances required and the aspects needed to be mentally and physically ready. The patients are also briefed on the donor norms.

Schedule: Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

To Register, Please Call: 09582113665


  • The registration is FREE. No additional payment is to be made to the hospital for the support group.
  • The registration shall help the hospital authorities share the timings of the sessions with you.
  • Your details shall be kept confidential and shall not be shared with anyone.
  • The transplant coordinator shall be contacting you shortly.

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