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Paras Hospitals, Gurugram

Language Spoken: Hindi, English




Dr Himanshu Verma is a consultant Vascular and Endovascular surgeon at Paras Hospital, Gurugram. He has 11 years of surgical and 8 years of exclusive vascular surgery experience. Having work experience of few of the top-notch hospitals in India, Dr Himanshu has holistic approach in management of vascular diseases. He is an expert in management of venous as well as arterial diseases.

While providing medical treatment for the patient, educating his patients about their disease is one of his keen interest as he truly believes that “Fear of diseases kills patient more than disease itself”

Previous Experience:

Previous Experience::

Previous Experience:

Consultant- Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Narayana Health, Bangalore

Consultant- Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon

Consultant- Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Max Group of Hospitals, Saket

Consultant- Vascular Surgeon, Varenyam Vascular

Education and Fellowships:

Education and Fellowships::

Education and Fellowships:



Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Ted Rogers clinical research fellowship in Vascular Surgery

Specialty Interests:

Specialty Interests::

Specialty Interests:

Venous Disease – Varicose Vein, DVT , Iliac Vein stenting, IVC filter, SVC syndrome

Arterial Disease – Peripheral Angioplasty, stenting and bypass for occlusive and aneurysmal diseases.

Open and endovascular aneurysm repair

Diabetic Foot care

AV Fistula, Basilic Vein Transposition, AV graft and AV fistula Angioplasties in Dialysis patients

Vascular repair in Trauma

Professional Memberships:

Professional Memberships::

Professional Memberships:

Association of Surgeons of India

International Society for Vascular Surgery

Vascular Society of India

Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors:

Awards and Honors

1st Prize-Beyond Cephalic Vein- case series of 148 Failed AV FistulaWith Exhausted Cephalic Vein :AVATAR 2018 http://avatar.org.in/ (Delhi , India)

2nd Prize – Mid-Aortic Syndrome – Long-term Results ofOpen andEndovascular Management. Tripathi RK, Verma H, George R, Meda N;International Congress for Endovascular Specialists: iCON 2014, Phoenix,Arizona

2nd PrizePost Graduate Oral Presentation: – Complex Aortic ArchAneurysms: Anatomical factors play a key role in decision-making forEndovascular Hybrid Repair; Vascular Society of India Annual Meeting,Jaipur, India September, 2012

Research and Publications

Research and Publications:

Research and Publications

Verma H, Mohan S, Tripathi RK. Pantaloonfemoralveingraft as “neoaorta” infectedaorticdisease. J VascSurg. 2015 Oct; 62(4):1083-8

Algorithm-basedapproach to management ofvenous leg ulceration. VermaHimanshu, Tripathi RK. Seminars in VascularSurgery. 2015 March; 28 (1): 54 – 60

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Surgical and endovascularinterventionsforchronicmesentericischemia. Verma H, Oderich GS, Tripathi RK. J CardiovascSurg (Torino). 2015 Feb 3. [Epubaheadofprint] PubMed PMID: 25644829

Contemporary management ofsymptomaticprimaryaorticmuralthrombus. Verma H, Meda N, Vora S, George RK, Tripathi RK. J VascSurg. 2014 Dec;60(6):1524-34. doi: 10.1016/j.jvs.2014.08.057

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Theeffectofdeepvenousstenting on healingoflower limb venousulcers. George R, Verma H, Ram B, Tripathi R. Eur J VascEndovascSurg. 2014 Sep;48(3):330-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ejvs.2014.04.031.

Invitedcommentary: EndovascularTherapyforIntermittentClaudication: IsItTimefor Re-evaluation? Ramesh K Tripathi, HimanshuVerma. J EndovascTher
2014;21:389–391. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1583/13-4618C.1

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Vacuum-AssistedClosure (V.A.C) TreatmentforVascularGraftInfection in theGroin – A Ten-YearMulti-Center Experience. Verma H, George R, Ktenidis K, Tripathi RK. International WoundJournal. Articlefirstpublished online: 25 JUN 2013 | DOI: 10.1111/iwj.12110

Endovascular management ofiatrogeniccarotid-jugular fistula presenting as congestiveheartfailure. VermaHimanshu, Meda Narendranadh, George R, Tripathi RK. TheJournalofVascular Access. 2014 Jul 31;15(4):317-20. doi: 10.5301/jva.5000198.

Endovascular management ofvenousulcer in a patientwithoccludedduplicated IVC &reviewof IVC development. VermaHimanshu, Hiremath N, George R, Tripathi RK, Perspectives in Vascular and EndovascularSurgery (Vascular and EndovascularSurgery. 2014 Feb;48(2):162-5. doi: 10.1177/1538574413510627. Epub 2013 Nov 12

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ExperienceofIliacVeinStentingWithAdditionalInfrainguinal Open (Endovenectomy) and EndovascularProcedures (Stents) forHealing C5/C6 Venous Leg Ulcers. VermaHimanshu, TripathiRK . J VascSurgery. 2015 June; 61 (6) :36S(Abstract)

AnatomicalExposureofThoracicOutletWithSupraclavicularApproach and ResectionofCervicalRib. HimanshuVerma, Ramesh K. Tripathi. JournalofVascularSurgery, Volume 59, Issue 6, Supplement, Page 30S, June 2014. (Abstract)

TheValueof Digital SubtractionVenography in PatientsWithAdvancedChronicVenousInsufficiencyIsImproved by Trial Ballooning. Verma, Himanshu et al. JournalofVascularSurgery, Volume 59, Issue6 , 108S, June 2014(Abstract)

Endovascular recanalization of deep veins to treat C6 leg ulcers – goingbeyond standard therapiesofcompression and varicoseveinssurgery. George RK, Verma H, Rajesh S, Tripathi RK. British Journal of Surgery 2013; 100:1-8.Presented in ESVS annual meeting 2013, Budapest. (Abstract)

Management ofSymptomaticThrombus in Non-Atherosclerotic/Non-Aneurysmal Aorta. Verma H, George R, Tripathi RK Journal of Vascular Surgery Volume 57, Issue 5, Supplement, May 2013, Pages43S(Abstract)