About Dr. Nagar

Dr. Dharminder Nagar is the Managing Director of Paras Healthcare. He has the unique advantage of being a doctor, hospital administrator and entrepreneur all in one. Several qualifications that include an MBBS from Mysore Medical College, MPhil from BITS Pilani, MS from Imperial College and MBA from Harvard, have propelled this young and dynamic MD to the forefront of healthcare. Dr. Nagar’s missionary zeal to make health services accessible to all Indians led to the establishment of Paras Healthcare, which is founded on the three principles of affordability, accessibility and quality.

Dr. Nagar’s keenness to deliver accessible tertiary medical care to people of every social strata is obvious from the cutting edge technologies and infrastructure present in all hospitals, at affordable prices. He supports every Indian’s right to healthcare and plans to introduce new models of healthcare delivery that empower patients at every stage, from the primary to the tertiary. Imparting awareness about healthy living practices is an important component of services at hospitals. A strong rural marketing strategy that includes Telemedicine supports the activities of Paras HMRI in Patna also enables communities in the far flung areas of Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana to access medical care.

Dr. Nagar is a leader with a strong social bent of mind, committed to realizing his vision of providing healthcare solutions for the common man. Corporate social responsibility is integral to Paras Healthcare, and the three hospitals run by the group- Paras Hospitals in Gurgaon, Paras Hospitals in Darbhanga and Paras HMRI, Patna- were built in response to unmet healthcare needs of the rural and urban people in the region. Hailing from a rural background, Dr. Nagar is determined to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, and has built hospitals in areas that lack health infrastructure, specialists and tertiary care. Under the able guidance of Dr Nagar, the group has also been able to launch a chain of mother and child care centres – Paras Bliss – specialising in providing maternity, pediatric, neonatal and fetal medicine expertise in areas that have no access or scarcity of the same. The specialised centres provide perinatal care – from the time the mother conceives, to the delivery and even post pregnancy care. The footprint of Paras Bliss includes prominent cities such as – New Delhi, Panchkula and Noida.

Ultimately Dr. Nagar perceives Paras Healthcare as a partner in health for the common man.

Dr Dharminder Nagar has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year (2015) Award at the India Health & Wellness Summit 2015 and Dynamic Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 by Six Sigma Healthcare Awards at the World Entrepreneur Summit.