Dr. Dharminder Nagar, MD Paras Hospitals This describes Dr. Nagar’s journey in establishing Paras Healthcare, from Paras hospitals in Gurgaon to Paras HMRI Patna and Paras Global in Darbhanga,
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Dr. Dharminder Nagar believes in the right of every Indian to healthcare. He discusses the importance of accessibility, affordability and need for equitable distribution of healthcare. “The rising cost of
  Dr. Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Healthcare talks about –‘The way forward to improving quality of healthcare delivery in India’ at the IHW Summit held in New Delhi, 2014.
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On NABH accreditation and quality Paras Hospitals Gurgaon had already established itself as a hospital with high standards and quality of care before NABH accreditation took place. Dr. Nagar describes
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