Yes, we have a well-stocked pharmacy.


Please bring your medical insurance documents and contact our IP billing and TPA department on 9599930035

Call on 9297991020 for our ambulance service.

ICU- Morning 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM, Evening 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Wards- Evening 5:00 to 7:00 PM.



Outside food is not allowed in the hospital for the patient.


Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Patient/Family has the right to:

1. Accessibility, Availability, and Assessment

• Access to treatment irrespective of case color religion nationality disability or source of payment

• Be provided immediate care at the time of emergency

• Have access to medical records

2. Information Exchange – Education and about health care needs

• Know about safe and effective use of medication, food-drug interaction, diet and nutrition, immunizations, specific disease process, complication and prevention strategy, and preventing healthcare-associated infection.

• Be educated in a language and format that patients can understand

3. Involvement in Decision Making

• Make an informed choice for refusal of treatment.

• Give informed consent before blood transfusion anesthesia surgery any other invisible where are procedures and treatment.

• Be allowed to see an additional opinion regarding clinical care.

4. Respect, Dignity, and Consideration

• Receive respect for special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs without affecting treatment and other patients by the hospital policy.

• Get protection from neglect and abuse.

5. Personal and Information Privacy

• Be provided privacy during examination, a procedure for consultation.

• Ensure confidentiality of information regarding his/her treatment.

6. Treatment cost

• Be informed about the expected cost of treatment

7. Complaint and Feedback

• Raise a complaint to the concerned authority.

• Share any feedback suggestions or complaints, Pease contact the floor in-charge at +91-7042971666 in case of any query


The patient family has the responsibility to

• Follow the treatment plan advised by your care provider.

• Provide complete and correct information about demographics, any treatment going under other doctors, and known allergies to your care provider.

• Give an honest update on health status during treatment.

• Understand that any discontinuation in treatment or to leave against medical advice would be at your own risk.

• Behave politely and respectfully to other patients, hospital staff, and doctors.

• Provide TPA insurance details at the time of admission.

• Pay for services built for promptly as per the hospital policies.

• Not to damage Hospital property and to comply with Hospital policies (eg: No smoking, No tobacco chewing, No spitting, Maintaining silence, etc.)


We have the below available diagnostic services:

CT, MRI, USG, X-Ray, 2D Echo, EEG, EMG, ECG, NCV, TMT, PFT, Uroflowmetry.

They are routinely available from 8 AM to 8 PM by appointment. For emergency cases available 24 x 7.


We have full-fledged / equipped paediatric department services from newborn babies to 18 years of age. We have all the facilities like NICU, PICU, indoor services. Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation services.

We will be starting a Kidney transplant service soon. 

Yes, we do have specialised care for Geriatric patients.