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Wrinkles are known to appear on human skin with aging, mostly around the eyes, neck and mouth. They look like creases or folds on the skin and sometimes can be in the form of a loose bag of skin under the eye. The puckered look seems to distort the appearance of the face hence people opt for treatments to get rid of their wrinkles.

Though wrinkles appear with age, their occurrence can also speed up due to certain factors; exposure to the sun andsmoking are the two commonones among them. There are some other causes as well like stress, staying up late, pollutants, contraction of facial muscles, etc.

The treatments for wrinkle formation can be in the form of medications, injections, surgeries and so on. Following are the treatments that can be considered by people looking forward to getting rid of their wrinkles

A popular anti-wrinkle treatment, it is given through injections in small dosages and the process may need to be repeated for a longer effect.

An invasive procedure for the resurfacing of skin brought about with the help of abrasive tools such as a rotating brush

Undertaken through the application of an acidic solution on the skin that erodes its outer layer thus removing the signs of acne, spots and wrinkles.

A laser beam is focused on the skin which destroys stimulates the collagen formation in the skin thus reducing fine lines and forming newer, tighter skin.

Other than the above skin tightening procedure, facelifts, tissue fillers, wrinkle creams, topical retinoid are some other methods.

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