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Emergency Medicine

Paras Institute of Emergency Care is a leader for providing assistance for life threatening situations such as heart attacks, stroke and accidental trauma.  A multi-disciplinary specialist team that includes ACLS certified paramedical staff is backed by a fleet of sophisticated ambulances, enabling the centre to tackle all kinds of medical emergencies, including polytrauma.

Emergency care services are run on a 24 hour basis and operate using standardized international emergency care protocols and standards. Emergency and trauma facilities are manned by experienced and qualified emergency care staff such as intensivists and critical care specialists who support neurosurgeons, orthopedicians, cardiologists and vascular surgeons in their endeavor to provide timely and life-saving treatment. The Golden Hour has a special meaning for those at the Paras Institute of Emergency Care: Cardiovascular Life Support Ambulances equipped with essential life support equipment are staffed with highly responsive, ACLS trained doctors and nurses,ensuring that care starts the moment a patient is on board and improves prognosis

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