Paras Institute of Neurosciences is a leading center for the treatment of Brain, Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nervous System disorders. Here, experts in all facets of neurology provide revolutionary treatments for complicated neurological problems. Patients and their families are ensured compassionate care by highly skilled neurologists who use the most advanced approaches to manage diseases of the nervous system that include brain tumors, brain trauma injuries, paralysis, dementia and epilepsy. The multi-dimensional team of specialists specializes in treating deep seated tumors, a skill that sets the institute apart from others’. High end technology such as a standalone Image Guided Tumor Navigation Surgery Technology allows surgeons to get a 3D view of the brain and direct surgeries with a high degree of precision. The neuro-navigation technology comprises of advanced software modules that enable surgeons to visualize the anatomy of the patient’s brain in 3D to get a comprehensive idea of the location of the tumor and prepare for potential obstacles.

  • Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon is the first hospital of the region to have a full fledged high equipped Institute of Neurosciences.
  • Paras Institute of Neurosciences at Gurgaon is the first private hospital of Delhi NCR region to have a standalone Image Guided Tumor Navigation Surgery Technology.
  • Paras Institute of Neurosciences is supported by nationally and internationally reputed Neurologists and Neurosurgeons of the country. The elaborate team also has Dr (Prof) VS Mehta, Padamshree (Former Neurosurgery HOD AIIMS) – a stalwart in the field of Neurosurgery with a specialization in performed deep seated brain tumor surgery.

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon is the first private healthcare facility in the Delhi NCR region to get a latest path breaking tumor navigation technique that allows surgeons to get a 3D view of the brain and better control their surgical procedures.
The neuro-navigation technology comprises of advanced software modules that enable surgeons to visualize the anatomy of the patient’s brain in 3D to get a comprehensive idea of the location of the tumor and the obstacles that can be encountered during surgery.
The neuro navigation software provides surgeons with 3D image data in higher resolution and enables them to visualize anatomical areas of interest with no segmentation including cortical surface, skull and vasculature.
This gives surgeons sufficient visual data to plan the least invasive path for surgery. It also provides greater precision and control and minimizes possibility of a negative impact to critical brain structures during surgery.
This is a technology that benefits neuro surgery in a major way- it is used for tractography (a 3D modeling technique used to visually represent neural tracts using data collected by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). It uses special techniques of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computer-based image analysis. The results are presented in two- and three-dimensional images).

State of the Art Operation Theatres & Neuro ICU’s

Paras Institute of Neurosciences has state of the art Operation theatres with laminar air flow, advanced DSA, Cusa, High Tech Operating Microscope, and all relevant surgical & diagnostic tools to treat complicated neurosurgical cases in an efficient and safe manner.

State of the Art Neuro ICU
The Neuro ICU Centre at the Paras Institute of Neurosciences has specialized beds for Head Injury and Elective Neurosurgery patients. All beds are equipped with latest ventilators, monitors & defibrillators and are manned 24 hours by neuro intensivists, who specialize in providing care to neuro patients.

Latest Operating Microscope
Paras Institute of Neurosciences is equipped with the latest operating microscopes from Germany with tumor luminescence facility helps in differentiating tumor from healthy brain tissue thereby minimizing deficits and improving surgical results. The technology is specifically meant to meet the complex requirements of brain and spinal surgery. It enables fast focusing thereby producing clear pictures in a shorter time to enhance the efficiency of the operating surgeon. This implies better results and shorter operating time.

Latest DSA
Latest DSA with modern technology from Philips gives high resolution images with decreased radiation exposure to the patient. This is achieved by using a digital system rather than the obsolete optical systems.

High Tech C Arm
The High Tech C Arm has reduced the scan time to half thereby reducing the exposure to radiations. It allows online reconstruction for immediate positioning control and also simultaneous viewing of 2D and 3D data.
Integrated imaging and archiving system allows greater efficiency and better patient care at lesser cost.

State of the Art Electrophysiology Lab
The state of the Art Electrophysiology lab run by experienced and qualified professionals under the supervision of renowned neurologists offers best services in NCV, EMG, Evoked potentials and EEG.

Paras Institute of Neurosciences in Gurgaon provides comprehensive treatment for all neurological anomalies that require medical or surgical intervention.  The institute has well defined clinical protocols to deal with issues related to neurological degeneration, imbalance, congenital defects or tumors. Paras Institute of Neurosciences specializes in providing medical management & care for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Headaches, Migraines, Memory disorders, Neuromuscular Disease, Stroke  and Multiple Sclerosis, to list a few.
Paras Institute of Neurosciences in Gurgaon also receives a number of patients from different parts of the world for neurosurgery for their primary and secondary brain tumors. The institute provides a 360 degree approach treatment. Beginning from diagnosis, counseling, surgery, treatment and management the institute is well supported by rehabilitative experts and doctors who specialize in ensuring the patient’s easy mobility and discharge.

  • Brain:

    Brain tumor, acute stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, epilepsy surgery, head injury, Cerebral venous disease, Headache with facial pain, Dizziness, Sleep disorders.

  • Spinal Cord:

    Cervical spondylitis, Lumbo – sacral spondylosis, compression of the spinal cord, intrinsic diseases of the spinal cord. We provide minimally invasive spine surgery unit especially to cater patients with spinal ailments.

  • Infections of The Nervous System

    Meningitis, Parenchyma viral infections, Encephalopathy.

  • Degenerative Diseases:

    Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, Motor neuron disease , spinal muscle atrophies.

  • Inflammatory Diseases:

    Multiple sclerosis, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Acute transverse myelitis.

  • Nerves and Muscles:

    Disease of peripheral nervous system, disorders of neuromuscular junction, diseases of muscle.



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