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Paras Hospitals Gurgaon is one of the few hospitals in Delhi NCR known for its exceptional Neurosurgical expertise worldwide. It is the first hospital to have brain tumor navigation technology for 100% surgical precision and 0% error. Paras Hospitals has been awarded the hospital for neurology and neurosurgery care in Delhi NCR. The team of neurosurgeons, supported by exceptional technology, Neuro ICU’s and neurosurgical technology specialize in Brain Tumor Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Spinal Tumor Surgery, Brain Trauma Surgery, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage , Epilepsy Surgery, Head Injury, Cerebral Venous Disease, Cervical Spondylosis , Lumbo – Sacral Spondylosis and Compression of the Spinal Cord. The Department of Neurosciences also specializes in low grade gliomas and adenoma’s. Paras Hospitals Gurgaon is also one of the few centres in the country to have Deep Brain Stimulation Technology to treat paralysis, epilepsy, etc.

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