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Annually more than 3 lakh Indians go through dental implant surgery and studies highlight that by 2025 this number is expected to touch 15 lakh Indians. The low number of dental implant surgeries are due to lack of awareness, unavailability of specialists and infrastructure to support the same.  Taking the need for tertiary care services in all specialties into consideration, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon has launched a Super Specialized Dental Implant Clinic focused on providing the highest level of surgical expertise, quality care, hygiene and infection control policies.

The specialty and uniqueness of the Dental Implant Clinic is its exclusivity. Usually dental centres share the areas for implants with other procedures too. We at Paras have created a special dental room equipped with the latest technology for patient vital monitoring and control. The area is sterile with a detailed OT sterilization protocol to ensure that the highest level of surgical care with zero infection rate is provided.

The Clinic area and the procedure chair are also supported with a digital monitor to keep a check on the patient and detect any changes in the vitals. This makes the clinic fully equipped with super specialty care as in case of any eventuality, the patient doesn’t have to be taken anywhere and can be treated at the site itself. This is an important aspect as studies highlight that more than 15% of patients post a dental implant surgery suffer from some short term or long term health complication.

The services rendered by the Dental Implant Clinic are affordable and over the last few years, Dr Sageer and his team has been able to successfully perform more than 2000 dental implant surgeries. Paras Dental Implant Clinic has more than 20 dental experts in our team in Paras Healthcare and the team is committed to provide the best dental care based on affordability, accessibility and quality. They are also the only clinic in Delhi NCR to provide the life time warranty of the dental implants.

Paras Dental Implant Clinic specializes in performing both Endosteal implants and Subperiosteal implants.

  • Sterilized area
  • Safety and Hygiene Practices
  • Specialized area for implantation
  • Monitors for vitals
  • Location support for emergency care
  • Zero Infection Rates
  • Affordable Implants
  • Life time implant warranty

OPD Timings:

Mon to Sat 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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