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Preventive Health Check-Up

Breast Check

For early detection and prevention of Breast Cancer under go regular Breast Check up: 

₹ 3050

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High Resolution Mammography


Ultrasound Breast

Review and advice by senior consultant Breast Surgeon

General Instructions:

    • Kindly take appointment before coming on 0124-4585555 and report to preventive Health Check Centre at Ground Floor.
    • Please come in fasting overnight for 9 to 12 hours for the check up. Avoid alcohol & smoking and food items with excess fat like cheese, deep fried preparations etc. on the day prior to your check up.
    • Take 1 litre of water before you arrive at the hospital. You should avoid passing urine till your ultrasound test is over.
    • Please come in casual comfortable clothing. Do not use jewelry, cream, oil, talcum powder.
    • Please carry your first morning urine & stool samples in the sterilized plastic containers (Containers can be collected a day prior from the PHP department).

Special Notes For Ladies:

  • Pregnant ladies or if suspecting Pregnancy do not get any X-ray or Mammography done.
  • Do not get the Gynecological check up done during menstrual cycle. . 
  • Health Check Process will take 3-4 hours. 
  • You will be served breakfast during health check. 
  • Review is valid for a month from the date of Health Check.