The ENT Department at Paras JK provides diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck, including particularly the ears, nose, and throat. Our team of ENT doctors are adept at performing all routine as well as complicated procedures related to ear, nose and throat.

  • Pediatric otolaryngology – Children with tonsils , ear diseases, allergy and sinus diseases, airway problems, cleft lip and palate, voice and swallowing disorders, and acquired and congenital head and neck masses
  • Rhinology – (Specialize in nose and sinus problems such as deviated nasal septum, treat people with nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis,csf leak skull base tumors and many other conditions)
  • Otology – It includes treatment of perforation of ear drum, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the ear, facial nerve disorders, congenital malformations of the ear, and tumors of the ear, and skull base

To know more about the recommended treatment plans and the cost estimates associated with treatment of Pediatric otolaryngology, Rhinology, Otology ,please share your request and reports at contact@parashospitals.com

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