Plan Your Trip

It is important to ensure that you have planned your visit well. Moreover there are a few steps that are to be followed to ensure that the planning is moving in the right direction. Please refer to the list below:

Step by step guide

7 steps for Excellent Medical Treatment:

  1. Get in touch:

To access the best medical treatment, it is important that you follow a detailed process. Get in touch with the international patient cell at Paras Hospitals. To contact email at

Mention your name, country and the details that you require. It would benefit you more if you could forward the reports and the required details.

  1. Email your medical history:

After you have generally spoken to the representatives, you should forward all your concerned reports- radiology, pathology, surgical and consultations at

The international patient cell shall revert to you in 48 hours.

  1. Online consultation:

Post you have shared your information with the hospital an online consultation will be facilitated. The same shall help you to understand your condition better. The medical support shall also help to assess the severity of the medical condition. The urgency if the medical travel can be planned accordingly. The online consultation shall also introduce you to your treating doctor. The hospital shall also be providing you a estimate of your treatment and stay. Details of your post surgery rehabilitation and follow up can also be included on request.

  1. Plan your trip:

Based on your medical conditions, the hospital shall assist you in your visa formalities. Necessary documents shall be provided to you to facilitate your travel.

Accommodation details shall be shared to ensure that the same are as per your requests.

  1. Arrival:

Post your arrivals at International Airport- Complimentary pick up facility shall be provided. The international patient cell share ensure that a dedicated support staff is assigned to you to facilitate your stay and medical arrangement

  1. Pre operation check up – Procedure- Post operation:

Pre operative tests are conducted to assess the present medical condition of the patient. The analysis is essential to ensure that the patient is fit for medical surgery  or other related recommended procedures.  The doctors of medical excellence shall be performing the required surgery. The required follow up and post surgery rehabilitation shall also be provided to the patient.

  1. Medical Follow up:

Post the surgery and the rehabilitation, the hospital shall be providing you the details for follow up. They shall schedule your online or in person visits.

For more information email at