Assistance for Patients & Visitors - Paras Hospitals

Assistance for Patients & Visitors

Seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be physically and emotionally difficult for you and your loved ones. Paras Hospital’s International Marketing provides a wide range of services to the international patients and their family members, ensuring them of a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay. We at Paras Hospitals are offering the following facilities for our international patients, besides the cost of the surgery itself. You will feel right at home because we will be by your side every step of the way.

  • Appointment scheduling– as per the need of the patient
  • Treatment packages in advance– to ensure transparency and aid the patients in understanding the costs and the expenses before hand
  • Visa assistance– Coordination with embassies and assistance when ever required
  • Airport pick-and-drop facility– complimentary pick and drop facility from the international airport
  • Hotel reservations, if needed- as per the budget of the patient the same can be finalized
  • Language interpreters– as per the country interpreters shall be provided to assist the patients and their attendants.
  • Express check-in through our dedicated International Patient’s Lounge– comfortable waiting area especially developed for the international patients.
  • In-house business centre– equipped with money transfer and currency exchange facility.
  • International newspapers & Internet access in the room.
  • Dedicated International executive during your entire stay with us at ‘Paras Hospital’’
  • Follow up assistance for future appointment scheduling after discharge

Travel Assistance:

The hospital shall be assisting you in your visa formalities. The international patient cell shall be ensuring that the required documents for medical travel are provided to you.

The application for the visa shall be done by the individual. The visa formalities for medical travel are as simple as travel. If your treatments require frequent visits to India and follow up, you can opt for a multiple entry visa. The hospital shall provide you the required documents for the same.

Aspects for FRRO- Foreigners Regional Registration Office Visa patients :

The International patient cell shall ensure that support is provided to the patients and the attendants that are coming with FRRO type ‘M’ visa. The visa shall provide access for multiple visits to the hospital and shall authorize the patient and the attendant to stay for longer durations. The international patient cell shall ensure that your registration and presence is processed at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of arrival. The format for the registration shall be provided by the cell.

Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register their arrival within 24 hours with the nearest Police Station/Commissioner’s Office. Please refer to our Visa/Transit document for instructions.

Airport Assistance:

The international patient cell shall provide you complimentary pick up and drop facility from the airport. A designated patient care manager shall ensure that the necessary travel arrangements, accommodation and interpreter assistance is provided to the patients.