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Mar 2, 2024

Paras Hospital Darbhanga brings specialised Neurosurgery and Neurology Care to Mithilanchal

Paras Hospital Darbhanga brings specialised Neurosurgery and Neurology Care to Mithilanchal

For 28 yr old Manish, Paras Darbhanga and its team of neurosurgeons not just treated his brain tumour but also helped his parents with the paper work for cashless treatment.

“Paras Darbhanga is like a boon for us. We neither had to travel to the city for treatment nor had to pay for the surgery. Paras and its team of billing executives contacted the insurance agency and took care of all our worries. It is like the common man is empowered with specialised care in Mithilanchal,” shares Mr Kumar, Manish’s father.

Paras Darbhanga over the last few months has been able to perform path breaking successful complex surgeries ranging from brain tumor surgery, trauma care, head injuries and spinal cord complications.

Specialised Neurosurgery & Neurology care

According to Dr Md Ejaz Alam, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Paras Darbhanga, “With Paras Darbhanga a major gap of providing 24X7 specialised emergency care has been addressed. Today Paras Hospital has the best neurosurgery equipment, operation theatres and critical care support to deliver the best to the patients. We have successfully performed various trauma, head injury and brain tumor surgeries.”

In addition of neurosurgery, Paras Hospital Darbhanga also specializes in providing medical management & care for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Headaches, Migraines, Memory disorders, Neuromuscular Disease, Stroke  and Multiple Sclerosis, to list a few.

According to Dr Md Yasin, Consultant Neurology, Paras Darbhanga, “ Over the last few months we have been seen a number of patients suffering from chronic headaches, migraines and neuro muscular diseases. Numerous cases had become complicated due to discontinuation of treatment or misdiagnosis. The unavailability of a specialised neuro care centre in Mithilanchal was the most important cause of patients wither ignoring their symptoms or resorting to ineffective alternative medicines.”

Dr Yasin and Dr Ejaz have been able to initiate a revolution in neuro care. They actively address the public through health talks ad have also been instrumental in launching two specialised clinics – Stroke Clinic and Headache Clinic.

They have also been actively participating in imparting specialised education to the doctors. “Sharing of medical information is exceptionally important. The doctors in the community have been able to trust our line of treatment and clinical protocols and that is a major achievement for a tertiary care centre,” shares Dr Anand Paderu, Unit Head, Paras Hospital Darbhanga.