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Mar 2, 2024

Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna, Invites Authorities to Examine Records

Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna, Invites Authorities to Examine Records
  • Doctors tried all efforts to revive Mrs Shail Devi
  • Patient’s relatives are leveling baseless charges, playing in the hands of vested interests

Paras HMRI Hospital has clarified that doctors attending to Mrs Shail Devi tried their level best to save her life but to no avail as the patient’s condition had deteriorated far too much even before her admission in the hospital.

The hospital has also made it clear that it would fully cooperate with the authorities if they wanted to examine records of the patient.

Mrs Shail Devi was admitted to the hospital on 6th August, and was discharged on 14th August at 12:30 pm. She was again admitted on 15th at 10:59 am in ICU and managed conservatively. The patient’s attendant was kept informed regarding the critical condition of the patient. The patient’s condition deteriorated and the specialists of the hospital advised the family for intubation/ ventilator and other support systems, but the patient’s son Mr Praveen Chandra did not allow, and he expressed his decision in writing as well.

On 16th morning the family wanted to take the patient out and got her discharged  on LAMA   (leave against medical advice ) basis. The process of discharging the patient was initiated but, meanwhile, the patient had a cardiac arrest and relatives were informed accordingly. The patient was attended to by the doctors and all measures were taken to revive her but to no avail. The patient was declared dead at approximately 11:30 am on 16th August.

Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna

“After going through the patients’ records and speaking with the team that handled the case, we are convinced that the hospital did whatever best was possible to save the life of the patient but unfortunately the condition of Mrs Shail Devi was such that she could not be revived”, said Dr. Syed Asif Rahman, Additional Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

He further said that “throughout Mrs Shail Devi’s stay in the hospital, her family was kept informed and shown medical records, keeping communication channels open all the time.  We have very strict ethical norms, and our doctors and ICU staff follow that without fail”.

The hospital has also said it was understandable that the patient’s relatives were very upset due to the death, but it cautioned them that there were rivals who were trying to malign the hospital’s reputation and they should refrain from being used by the vested interests.

“We request the media to allow the family to mourn their loss, and do not engage them in any kind of debate at this juncture.  We understand that the bereaved family might have gone to the media under the strain of having lost a loved one, but the media should help the family cope with the situation and allow the authorities to go through the necessary proceedings in the case”, said Dr Rajeev Ranjan Singh, Consultant Hepatology Department.