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Mar 2, 2024

Paras Hospital’s medical centre saved the life of a flier at Patna Airport

Paras Hospital’s medical centre saved the life of a flier at Patna Airport

The Medical Emergency Centre of Paras HMRI Hospital Patna located at Patna Airport on Monday saved the life of a flier coming from New Delhi to Patna through Jet Airways flight 9W 333. The said patient aged 52 years works as an MD in a company at Ranchi (Jharkhand).

Dr Anshu Ankit of Paras Medical Emergency Centre said that the condition of the patient had worsened in the flight itself as result of which the pilot of the said flight had asked to arrange for a doctor and an ambulance at the airport once the flight lands.

The patient was having trouble in breathing and his blood pressure (BP) was too significantly above than normal, it was told. Though, he was being given oxygen in the flight itself, his condition was not stated to be good.

Dr Ankit said that as soon as the flight landed, the patient was taken to the Paras Centre where his BP and level of oxygen in the body was measured.

It was found that his BP was 240/130 and his level of oxygen was 80%, much less than the 93% required to travel by air. The patient was also suffering from nausea.

Dr Ankit said that the patient was soon given medicines to control his BP along with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Soon, his condition started to come to normalcy.

Getting the information, the regional director of Paras HMRI Patna Dr Talat Halim soon reached Patna Airport and sent him to Paras Hospital for further treatment. The patient was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday when his condition became normal. He is completely alright now.

Dr Halim said that the centre of Paras HMRI hospital at Patna Airport works 24×7 and was established for the kind service of humanity. He said that till now dozens of patients have been treated at the centre saving their lives. Dr Halim further said that one doctor, a nurse and para medical staff are stationed at the centre round the clock. The centre also possesses life saving equipments.