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Mar 2, 2024

Paras Patna establishes Specialised Off site ICU Centre for Prakash Utsav

Paras Patna establishes Specialised Off site ICU Centre for Prakash Utsav

“My mother is 60 yrs old and she insists that she wants to be a part of Prakash Utsav. Despite requests to avoid the same, she has enrolled herself as a Sevak (volunteer). My fears were put to rest when I saw an excellent medical facility put up by Paras, “shares Parminder a Sikh from Patna city.

Taking the celebrations of the 350th Prakash Utsav into consideration Paras HMRI Hospital Patna decided to volunteer as a health partner. The city is expecting a footfall and participation of more than 10 lakh devotees.

Paras HMRI Hospital Patna team for Prakash Utsav

According to Dr. Talat Halim, Medical Director, Paras Patna, “When you are anticipating such a huge turnout, it is best that you are prepared for all eventualities. The government of Bihar and their esteemed consultancies selected Paras Patna as the healthcare partner.

The Bihar administration wanted “something extraordinary” from Paras. We gave them a state of the art ICU within the Pandal area. The same is equipped with the high technology infrastructure, beds, monitors and a specialized team of doctors and nurses. We can handle all types of medical emergencies on site – Cardiac, Trauma or Neuro. This shall help us provide specialized care to the needy patients.”

Paras Patna over the years has come up as a community provider, delivering specialized cancer, cardiac, neuro, ortho and trauma care to the common man of Bihar.

Dr. Shivanand, HOD Emergency Care Services, Paras Patna, highlights, “Such events have a lot of attendance and can cause some trauma cases. We already have had two pilgrims that have come in for specialized treatment, including a comatose patient and another with fractured leg. With the onsite specialized ICU infrastructure, we shall be able to render exceptional first aid. In, fact numerous patients may not even require ambulatory transfers to proper hospitals.”

Citing the level of preparation and detailing, Dr. Talat shares,  “ Setting up an ICU needed elaborate planning  – medical, electrical and clinical. The team of experts at Paras Patna have worked out exceptional plans to deliver the best ER care and ICU service to the devotees.”