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Mar 2, 2024

Paras Patna launches the 1st 128 slice CT Scan of Bihar – Stands up as the Initiator of a Healthcare Revolution in Bihar

Paras Patna launches the 1st 128 slice CT Scan of Bihar – Stands up as the Initiator of a Healthcare Revolution in Bihar

Radiology diagnosis is key in detection of cardiology, neurology and cancer ailments – Paras Patna bridges the gap by providing treatment to the common man of Bihar.

Paras HMRI Hospital Patna, the first corporate multi super specialty of Bihar has once again proved to be the initiator of a healthcare revolution shaping Bihar. Paras has launched the first  128 slice CT scan of Bihar. The hospital has been able to introduce the latest advances in CT imaging technology to provide increased speed and detailed information, better diagnostic care, greater convenience and improved patient comfort.

Paras Patna earlier has come to the fore front as a healthcare provider for the state by providing the state’s first PET Scan and a comprehensive nuclear medicine unit. The Paras Radiology Centre has been instrumental in providing specialised support to  cardiology, neurology, cancer, ortho , gastro and trauma care services to list a few.

First  128 slice CT scan in Paras Patna

According to Dr Talat Halim, Medical Director, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna and Paras Cancer Centre, “This machine is designed to provide the high resolution, low dose images. Especially useful in young patients.

  • Repeated exposure to high radiation is avoided by this machine.
  • 3-D reconstruction of images in real time up to 55 images are reconstructed and available per second.
  • For Trauma patients, up to 10 need based multiphase reconstructions

The 128 Slice CT was a must for  a specialised centre such as Paras Patna where we provide  tertiary  care. The main specialities that will benefit from the step are cancer, cardiology , ortho, spine and trauma care. We at Paras also ensure that the services that are offered are in coherence with the tenets of Paras Health – To Provide Affordable, Accessible and Quality Care to the common man.”

The 128 Slice CT technology can diagnose cardiovascular disease through narrowed vessels and can also diagnose blockages in arteries/ vessels all over the body such as heart, brain, kidney, extremities, etc.

The technology will also be used to diagnose pre-cancerous tumors in intestine and lungs through virtual colonoscopy and bronchoscopy. In addition it also helps to examine bone abnormalities and diagnose abnormalities associated with the brain.

Moreover the technology can diagnose abnormality of the abdominal tissues and provide diagnosis of abnormalities of blood vessels, such as aneurysm, and can measure abdominal fat, which is related to the quantity of calcium in arterial walls (coronary calcification) and to evaluate risk factors in the cardiovascular system.

According to Dr Pramod Kumar, Director Cardiology, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna, “ One of the most noteworthy contributions of the CT Technology would be CT Angiography – the best non invasive method to diagnose blockages in the heart arteries and provide the diagnosis in minutes.”

Few patients also shared their views on the addition of the technology in the hospital. As per Mr Shairaz – a cardiac patient – “This is a matter of pride that now we have medical services of international quality in our own city. It also empowers us with the choice of opting for car in our own hometown and reduces the burden of travelling to other cities for specialised care.”

Mrs Sarita Kumar, a spine patient shares her ordeal, “A CT Scan was exceptionally important for me. Through the scan my doctor Dr Gautam was clearly able to diagnose and explain the reasons of my pain and advice me the treatment plan. The addition of technology helps the doctors and the patients a great deal.”